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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Review #72: Selling Scarlett, by Ella James

Elizabeth ("Scarlett") is a young woman in desperate need of money (although I'm not really sure why - something with her mom being in the nuthouse and her dad being a jerk), and through a series of events, she decides to auction her virginity at a local brothel. The brothel, named Love, Inc. (seriously)  is run by someone who is sort of in Elizabeth's social circle, so she feels comfortable and "safe" with her decision.

Our story needs a love interest, though, so enter Hunter (of course), who is the best friend of the owner of the brothel. Hunter is a professional poker player, a jabillionaire, and sleeps with several of the girls. He's also got his sights set on Elizabeth, and he doesn't want anyone else to buy her.

Throw in a nice little murder mystery with a weird dominatrix celebrity, and you've got a story.

I don't know. Do people really sleep with prostitutes? Are there really brothels where you can just sign up to sell their virginity? Is virginity really that much of a commodity?  I just couldn't get behind this story.

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