"Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather, and a little music played out of doors by somebody I do not know." - John Keats

"You're not allowed to say anything about books because they're books and books are, you know, God." - Nick Hornby

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kidnapped by Pirates

Well, not really. But between the pirate invasion (really? we need a month long festival of pirates that involves not one, not two, but three parades? ), an Indian a Native American invasion (we do like our invasions down here in Florida), an impending office move, Boss being, well, see the aforementioned office move, and the Kid being her usual Cat 5 hurricane, I haven't had time to write any reviews.

Plus, all those pirate events required rum. Lots of rum. Rum, as it turns out, is not conducive to writing, unless you're Papa Hemingway.

But I have been reading - I swear it!

Stay tuned for reviews of the next Outlander book (which, my mom is on book six (!!!) and really mad that I haven't made it that far, so something big must happen), Divergent, Twilight and Beautiful Bastard (there's a story there!), a couple of funny trashy romance novels, a really bad rapey romance novel that I might not be able to finish, and an Anne Rivers Siddons novel, now with even more mental illness. After all that, I need some wacky capers, so I'm reading the latest Janet Evanovich. It's not Stephanie, but it's the FBI agent Kate O'Hare and the con artist Nick Fox. I'm sad to say it's taken me until this book to figure out the whole The Fox and the Hare thing with the names.

The pirates have finally left on their ship, so I swear I'll write reviews this week.


Unless Mike Rowe comes dressed as a pirate (or, you know, dressed as anything) to kidnap me.