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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review #22: The Bet, by Rachel Van Dyken

Every once in a while, I venture out to the "most popular" books on the Nook website, and see what's for sale for around 99 cents. Turns out, The Bet was at the top of the list, so I bought it. There are worse ways to spend 99 cents, I guess. But there are probably lots of better ways, too. (And I think I may have found it in what I just downloaded last night.)
The Bet centers around Kacey, Jake, and Travis. Kacey (no offense to people with names that are spelled differently, but that just drives me bananas) grew up with Jake and Travis, who are brothers. Kacey's parents owned a restaurant in town, and were tragically killed when she was in college. The same night, Kacey lost her virginity to Jake, as well as their close friendship. (See, kids? Make sure you know what you're doing before you give up the v-card.) Because of this, Kacey feels she's lost everthing, and doesn't know how to move forward.
Jake is the heir apparent of the family company, and of course he's a playboy. He and Kacey were closest when they were younger because they were the same age, and spent most of high school joined at the hip. Jake, naturally, is so gorgeous that Kacey had no female friends because they were so jealous of her friendship with Jake. Travis, older than Jake by two years, is quiet and sullen and wants nothing to do with the family business, so he hides off on a farm or a ranch or something. It's not particularly clear, and it's used to show that Travis is good with his hands and not scared off by hard work and is clearly a Better Man than Jake. Of course, it's not so hard to make a go of a ranch when you are a jabillionaire thanks to the family fortune.
Fast foward a couple of years, and now Jake needs Kacey to pretend to be his fiancee to get his family and the board members off his back for being such a jackass. Kacey reluctantly agrees, and they go home. Travis is sulky and sullen, of course, and he and Kacey fight like cats and dogs. But we all know what it means when a boy is mean to us, right? He means he really does love us. Shenangians and miscommunication ensue, Jake and Travis fight over Kacey, Kacey wants nothing to do with either one of them, there's a big climax, and then a sweet ending. I'm not going to spoil it on the off chance that one of you will have 99 cents in the bottom of your couch and you decide to read this.
But honestly, gather up a few more 99 cents and go buy a cocktail instead.

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  1. Thank you! I appreciate you at least reading the book and taking time to review it ;) Have a great week!