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Monday, July 25, 2016

Review #28: Loves Me, Loves Me Not, by Libby Malin

Is it bad that I can't really remember this book? I had to look up the blurb on Amazon and even after reading some reviews, I can't really put my finger on how I felt about the book.

I do remember the basic plot, though. Amy Sheldon runs a flower shop (sort of; it seems like she just sort of drifts about). Henry Castle orders a lot of flowers for a variety of women. When Amy screws up one of his orders by sending it to the wrong woman, Henry comes in to the shop to read her the riot act. Amy offers to make it up to him, he insists on taking her out, and at some point they fall in to bed together. Amy's still nursing her broken heart from her fiancé Rick's death two years ago and there is some angst when Henry discovers that he works at the same law firm (financial firm? something...I don't think it matters) as Rick. There's more angst when Amy moves in with Henry (and he brings women home because she insists they are just roommates), but eventually they wind up together.

Now that I'm remembering the basic outline, I also remember some other things. One, Amy's a mess, more than is cute. And yes, she lost her fiancĂ©, and yes, she's struggling, but pull yourself together, sister. Amy winds up homeless like, nine times in the course of three weeks in this book. Two, Henry's kiiiiind of a jackass. He's okay, I suppose, but if I'm reading a romance novel, I want the hero to be, you know, heroic and slightly unrealistically amazing. If I dated Henry, my friends would give me some serious side-eye. Henry's pretty shallow. I like my men with a little more depth. And less jerkiness. Three, I get that there has to be a breakup in towards the end of most romance novels, some thing that keeps our hero and heroine apart, but one breakup is enough. Or even two. But I don't need like, five. If I wanted to read about that, I'd read my high school journal. 

I don't really remember the ending, but I do remember feeling kind of meh about it. That might be cause I was pretty meh about Henry though. 

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