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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review #8: Savannah Blues, by Mary Kay Andrews

Full disclosure: I feel like I've read this book before. Romance and chick lit is like that, and usually, I figure it out within the first 100 pages. This time, though, I finished the entire book and I still couldn't tell you.

Eloise (Weezie) is a Savannah antique picker, someone who goes around to dumpsters and yard sales and picks the treasures to sell to the antique shops in town. (As someone who dabbles in that, it's not nearly as easy in real life as it is for Weezie.) Weezie lives in the carriage house behind her ex-husband Talmadge Evans III's home, where he is shacking up with Caroline, the woman for whom he left Weezie. Tal is kind of a jackass, and Caroline's kind of a bitch, and when Caroline turns up dead, Weezie's the prime suspect.

Weezie's quickly cleared of the murder charges, but soon discovers there are other shenanigans afoot in her little town, and she's suddenly knee-deep in them. Along the way, there's a super hot restaurant cook, Weezie's uncle James (a priest-turned-lawyer), her mama, who gets in to the bourbon and Xanax every day, and her crazy best friend Bebe.

Andrews' writing and plots are reminiscent of Jennifer Crusie, kind of madcap and adventurous, with a little bit of romance, and a female main character who is kind of a mess. It's not great literature, but it's a fun little diversion.

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