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Friday, February 15, 2013

Review #11: Tainted, by Brooke Morgan

Holly Barrett is swept off her feet by Jack Dane, a charming Englishman with not a few quirks. She falls madly in love, and within weeks, Jack is living in her home (with Holly's young daughter Katy, mind you), and they marry. Holly's grandfather Henry - her only living relative since her parents were killed three years ago - blesses the relationship, even going so far as to help foster the union when they first meet.

Enter Katy's absent dad Billy, the young wealthy city boy who took Holly's virginity and left her with a baby on the way. Billy's spidey senses are tingling, and he knows there's something up with Jack Dane. But Holly and Henry can't see past Jack's charms, or their anger at Billy for leaving Holly and Katy behind, and Billy is left out in the cold.

Eventually, though, Henry can't tune out Billy's protests, and starts to research who Jack Dane really is. Jack figures out that Henry and Billy are on to him, and what happens next is shocking.

Morgan is a decent enough writer, but I found myself quite frustrated with the characters. Jack is so glaringly wrong that I couldn't understand how Holly could fall for him, and more, how everyone else could be so charmed by him as well. Jack, for his part, is not as charming as Morgan seems to think he is. Only Katy, Billy, and the dog (the dog, for heaven's sake! really?) seem to be able to see through Jack's facade.

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