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Monday, March 4, 2013

Review #14: Lady Gone Bad, by Sabine Starr

Full disclosure: I read this book because it was free. And when I read the book description in my Free Book Friday email - "But when Lady tangles with a sexy U.S. Marshall, she's tempted to stick around long enough to watch him lay down the law--in her bed." - I knew I had to read it. Well, first I collapsed in a fit of laughter, and then I realized I had to read it.

Lady Gone Bad is about a saloon singer, Sharlot (really?), who can charm cowboys with her singing the way a snake charmer can charm a snake, and Rafe (again: really?), a U.S. Marshall who, for some unclear reason, is after Lady. Turns out that Lady is looking for her parents' murderers, and the outlaws and the Indians of the Old West are her ticket to finding out what really happened. She and Rafe wind up running from a rogue U.S. Marshall, and of course, they fall in love. There are obstacles along the way - his missing sister, a bunch of bad guys, and some horse thieves - but there are also lots of helping hands in the form of an old Indian man and two cowboys who are clearly there to provide comic relief.

Lady Gone Bad isn't a terrible book. It's a pretty typical Harlequin-style romance. I'd have been mad if I paid $1.99 for it, but since it was free, I'm not going to complain.

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